A responsive informative user

experience to promote

and increase sales

They sell seaweed from the seashore.

Founded by marine biologist Dr Craig Rose, Seaweed & Co. aims to be the best seaweed supplier in the world, bringing seaweed nutrition and its many benefits through high quality, safe, traceable and sustainable supply. With coveted awards such as Virgin StartUp, Seaweed & Co is a company in an emerging market and going places. They needed an online presence to back this up and provide information on the benefits of their product. We knew we needed a long-term online strategic vision for the business to create product awareness and develop customer loyalty. Working with Craig we were able to visualise the product benefits and create a responsive, informative user experience to promote the company’s marketing channels and to increase sales.

“The website they gave me was excellent, great value and the service was very professional.”

Craig Rose – Director